Unlike the majority of my peers, I sure am feeling the artic wind chill of cuffing season.


Undrafted, I find myself with a suspended Netflix account, three comforters on top of my bed, waiting for a text back.


Then I can’t help to think if the one I am crushing on is participating in “cuffing season,” but what an immature question in this day in age.


So I sit in peace, silenced with my thoughts looking for activities to participate in during the winters month and someone to actually do them with. It’s not like summer when you can call your homegirl or homeboy to meet you for happy hour.


So what are the undrafted to do? Hit Eventbrite, take a master class, attend a conference or simply take some time to relax, because soon the spring will be coming and so will the action. This cuffing season you might not have been drafted and if you’re lucky like me not last year either, but that doesn’t mean your time isn’t coming or tomorrow things couldn’t change.


Cuffing isn’t always what it is cracked up to be, some people are side pieces to the side piece.


So do not always believe what you see — self-love is all you need. Do not wallow in the depths of the snow, but instead get out and make a snow angel; perspective.


And, to all my peers participating in cuffing season — until summer tears y’all apart.

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