We are 37 days into the New Year and Nicki Minaj is nowhere in sight. The Barbie was last found on social media December 30th and has left everyone in speculation that the reign of Nicki Minaj is deceased. As Cardi B. is fully endorsed by Migos and the culture will she make a reappearance?

It seems the year has taken off for Cardi B. with an upcoming Bruno Mars tour. Amazon commercial, new singles and album slated to release this year. Does the Barbie stand a chance? The media felt Nicki Minaj has stuck her foot stuck in her mouth, time and time again as she bashes other females and suggests she has paved the way for female rap artist today — Remy and Lil Kim do not agree.

But, the real question is where is Nicki? Is she okay? Is she safe? Is she cooking up a master plan. Is she still the “queen” of rap? Or has she handed her throne to the new American sweetheart Cardi B.

We’re searching, looking and waiting for answers Nicki so when you’re ready to crawl out of that rock we’ll be waiting to see the show you have in store. Let’s hope it is record breaking!

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