As the week came to an end, I found myself in need of supreme relaxation.


The work week was hectic and the dirt of the city felt like it lived on my skin. So on self-care Sunday I look to detox with scrubs, suds and some DIY practices I found on Pinterest.


As well as relaxation and meditation — who does not appreciate some me time?


The best time if you ask me! I sat back, kicked my feet up as I caught up on Grownish since I was an active participant in boycotting the Super Bowl.


I was looking a mess with green hair underneath one of those clear beauty salon shower caps. Avocado, honey, coconut milk, olive oil and turmeric — a hydration system found online. It did produce the luxurious results women raved to received. My color treated hair screamed for hydration so I might not be the most appropriate test dummy.


Also, I did a basic sugar scrub with sugar, olive oil and lemon juice. It acts as an exfoliate for your body and face, but most importantly my lips! Shoot, feel brand new again.


Anyone looking to explore self-care or participate in self-care Sunday, I recommend you to hit up Pinterest and find use for the things in your kitchen.


Start your fountain of youth now, natural care is proving to be the best care. You never know you might be inspired to create your own product line! Cheers to the freaking weekend, until next time.

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