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Music used to be an escape to a special kind of paradise, beats creating a worm hole to dimensions yet unfound, with words creating diverse interpretations. After all it’s supposed to be an art. (Pardon my jabbering, I am filled with pain and passion)

These days, we have a couple of really distorted orderly noises, making their way to top charts, while the bystander effect does quite an efficient job in keeping them there. I am tempted to call names but I won’t lest we become embroiled in another petty feat of omni-directional arguments between hip-hop or R n B.

You all have got to remember when you could hear a rap song and the words left a message in your spirit (humming “Changes”, nodding and eating beans), when high pitches were met in melodious synchrony with rhythmical guitar hooks, killing the depression which was yet non-existent.

Do you remember when music was a meal to the soul, what a guy would do for a stereo set then.

It’s a reason we feel sorry for the millennials. Having missed all that good stuff, to listen to … (soo tempted to mention a name).

Appreciate good Music now, sooner or later, Big Brother’s going get rid of them. After all he sees all.