“This can’t be ‘Land of the Free’ / If kneeling might cost your position.” – Dreezy


I cannot be the only who found the Super Bowl yesterday very strange…This weekend countless celebrities who have supported Colin Kaepernick and the #TakeAKnee movement are posted the escapades of their Super Bowl Sunday.


I thought this was the perfect time to Boycott stand with him and show unity. Maybe I am wrong? Until yesterday it seemed Tom Brady kept winning anyway.


Football is a sport ride on the backs of Blacks, but maybe I should sip my Chamomile.


Forget the commercials, there is man out here that lost his position, because he found a way to peacefully bring light to a big issue within our country.


He did not sit in the locker room or choose to make a scene at the game. Instead of standing, he kneeled. People forget her still put his hand across his heart, but he is punished, ridiculed and made a mockery.


Let me guess you just had to see that new Dorito commercial? Yet, you probably know someone affected by the same issues Kaepernick took a knee to stand against. It is not a double-edged sword, it is a black and white issue — boycott the NFL.


It takes more than my voice and action. We need the power players to start showing up when it matters.


If your favorite celebrity voiced they were not watching the Super Bowl yesterday, I am sure some would have rethought their decision. Instead, these same celebs were kicking it at the Super Bowl in a box.


It is really time to step up, if we do not stand for something we will fall for anything.


At least I know Ava DuVernay and Cardi B. kept the same energy.


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